Styling With Bow Tie Hair Clips

Bow Tie Hair Clips

Toddlers hair can be quite sensitive and while some toddlers can grow out their hair pretty quickly, other need extra care and attention. When it comes to styling, parents should fix their toddler’s hair with Bow Tie Hair Clips and other types of bows and headbands. This kind of styling means that the hairstyle can be changed frequently without much pulling and combing done to the hair. For some toddlers, it takes a village to get them to sit still so their har can be styled, so the extensive and time-consuming styling should be left for special occasions or until they a bit older.

With easy styling, your toddler is more likely to be cooperative and would be willing to sit still for shorter time to get their hair styled. You can pull their hair back and clasp it in place with a bow tie hair clip. You can also part the hair in sections and use several bow tie hair clips to hold the different sections and have your toddler looking cute as a button. The bow tie hair clips also help keep the hair in place and out of their face so they can run around and play with ease. Also, protective styling helps protect the child’s hair from breakage and harsh elements. Some protective styles are twists, braids, ponytails etc.

Using Moisturizer

Bow Tie Hair Clips

Regularly using moisturizer helps to keep your toddler’s hair moist and healthy. Especially in the winter, their hair is more likely to dry out from frequently being exposed to the harsh weather and also from constantly wearing hats. Natural oils always work great as moisturizers. Oils like jojoba oil, castor oil, shea butter, argan oil, and coconut oil all work as great hair moisturizers. Oil-based moisturizers also work well in keeping the hair soft and supple. Moisturizing hair before styling makes it easier and will lead to less or no breakage.

Shampooing and Conditioning

Bow Tie Hair Clips

Shampooing a kids hair produces more effective results when the parent knows what they are doing. It’s ok to shampoo a baby’s hair once or twice a week. Shampooing the hair every day will cause it to dry out and start to break. When shampooing, do not wash and rinse off the hair with very hot water and don’t use shampoo with too many chemicals. After washing with shampoo, then you apply the conditioner and leave it in for about a minute or two then you comb out the hair and rinse with lukewarm water. Also, you shouldn’t use conditioner with too many chemicals as it might have an adverse effect on the toddler’s hair such as extreme dryness and breakage.

Deep Conditioning

In addition to using a regular conditioner, deep conditioning hair every two weeks or once a month helps to keep the hair healthy and fresh. There are deep conditioners that you can buy from the store to use and there are also lots of recipes for homemade deep conditioners that you can make at home with natural ingredients that have amazing effects on the hair as well.


Giving a toddler their first haircut can be an occasion that’s easy and effortless or it could be a whole issue for both the parents and the child. Some parents decide to give the haircut themselves while some take the toddler to a professional salon. Whatever the case or whatever you choose to do, try to ensure it is a great experience for the child. Sometimes it can be a big chop and other times just a small trim. Whichever the case, be sure to make sure it is a smooth process. Keeping the toddler distracted during the haircut is a good way to ensure a smooth process. Give them a  toy or put some cartoons on the tv to have them focused on something else while their hair is being cut.

Detangling Hair

This is for kids with curly hair. As beautiful and splendid as curly hair is it sometimes comes with extra work. Detangling a child’s hair can be a delicate thing because if not done properly, it could lead to pain and sometimes even screaming. When you want to comb or detangle curly hair, use a wide tooth comb and your fingers and do it gently. It’s best to detangle the hair when it’s damp and after washing and conditioning it (or during conditioning).

Growing Out the Hair

Some kids have a full head of hair that grows out pretty easily but for others, you have to put in some extra effort and care to have the hair not only grow out but grow out evenly. If a toddler sweats a lot, chances are, it is preventing the hair from growing out properly as the scalp needs to be able to breathe for hair to grow and sweat and dirt prevents that. Applying some natural oils to the scalp can help stimulate faster hair growth.


A child’s diet plays a significant role in the health of their hair. Ensure that their food always has the necessary nutrients and that it is a balanced diet. Their food should contain greens, fruits, and all the necessary proteins.

Natural Products

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times already in this article but it deserves its own honorary mention. Using chemicals on your child’s hair is strongly advised against. Rather use natural hair products and natural oils. Stay away from products that contain chemicals like sulfates or parabens. Also, stay away from relaxers and hair dyes till they are at least pre-teen or teenagers.